Our brief was to add warmth and texture to this already magnificent home.

A fun and funky room was created by adding a 3D wooden vinyl wallpaper to the guest bedroom.

One of the children has fish tanks, lizard and insects in his room. The client wanted to create a nature space for this nature loving teen and chose the cladded stone wallpaper as a feature wall.

A bedroom with wooden tiles of many different shades and busy layout needed a wallpaper that pulls it all together. The client chose a wallpaper that is textured and looks like tree bark. It too has the natural tones of wood and completes the room.

The guest bedroom needed a sense of warmth, welcome and elegance. The sophisticated embossed pattern wallpaper was perfect and enriching on the slanted wall.

The main bedroom has a vast double volume wall, lots of light and space to make use of a large floral pattern. A focus wall with beautiful large blue flowers and an adjoining wall of matching technique wallpaper makes the vast room feel more cozy.